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The Microcomputer Systems Laboratory belongs to the Automation & Electronic Systems Sector of the Electrical Engineering Department of TEI of Western Greece. Its main objective is to provide a sufficient foundation and educate students in microprocessors, microcomputers, microcontrollers and networked microcontrollers with fieldbuses. Μοre...

Laboratory exercise platforms are based on 8085/8086/x86 microcomputer technology and LonWorks  - Neuron Chip 3150/20 fieldbus technology.

Furthermore final year student projects are being developed and implemented in many other platforms and technologies.

The laboratory infrastructure in hardware (microcomputer boards) and software for laboratory exercises as well as in h/w & s/w development tools for the final year student projects and applied research includes the following equipment, systems and devices:

Microcomputers - Microcontrollers

  • INTELBoards 8085, 8086,
  • Flite Multi Application Boards
  • ROCKWELL Boards 6502
  • INTEL Development Tools & Emulators 8051, 80196
  • AVR-8 AT/ STK500 AVR Development Board (ATMega16) & AVR Butterfly
  • ATJTAG - ICE MARKII  Emulator
  • ATADAPCAN01 - STK501 CAN add-on
  • AVR Embedded Internet Web Server

Networked Microcontrollers - Fieldbuses
  • Neuron Chip 3150 LonWorks,
  • Development Tools LonBuilder, NodeBuilder, LonMaker, LNS, LonPoint, EVK
  • Development tool DGS Visual Control Visual Control Graphical Programming (VCGP) & Visual Control Network Manager (VCNM)
  • ADAM RS-485 controllers (remote I/O)
  • CAN starter kit
  • Siemens RS-485 Bus & Moeller PLCs

Rational Rose98/2002/RealTimeRose (Object oriented system design with UML – Real Time UML)

Data & Control Networks Interconnection - Interoperability

  • LL / LE LonWorks – to –  Ethernet Routers
  • Coactive C1k LonWorks – to - Ethernet Router/Server
  • iLON100e3 TP/FT

Middleware OPC (COM/DCOM)

Blue Tooth boards

Rsoft OptSim 4.6, Fiber-Optic communications Simulation Platform

Operating Systems

  • WINDOWS 95/98/2000/XP/Vista
  • WINDOWS NT/Server2000/2003/2008
  • Solaris
  • Ubuntu Linux
Programming environment
  • Visual Studio 6.0/.net
  • C, C++ (Microsoft, Borland)
  • Neuron C (Lonworks)
  • Java
  • DHTML (asp, php-MySQL)
  • VRML

Latest Announcements



The MEMSENSE project aims at developing innovative sensor systems and next generation architectures in order to provide distributed intelligence



The Damazo project aims at enhanced services development for automated demand response management and load control.

Innovation Vouchers


The Microcomputer Systems Laboratory has been selected as a research institution in various Innovation Vouchers.

Microcomputer Systems Laboratory, Department of Electrical Engineering T.E., TEI of Western Greece